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We believe tree felling (removal), should be deemed a 'last resort' option. Even though a tree or trees may seem highly problematic in some locations, there are many ways in which they can be managed and preserved.


Unfortunately there are occasions when the need for tree felling is necessary, some examples of which can be found below:

- If a tree is structurally unsound and in a location posing threat to property, persons or public safety (Remember if you are the owner of the tree(s) you legally have a duty of care and may be liable for any damages).

- If a tree is diseased and cross contamination is feared.

- If a tree stands in an unsuitable area, causing subsidence and damage to property.


Should you feel the need to have a tree removed ALWAYS consider the option of re-planting a replacement tree! Ask us for more details. 


Pruning Operations are methods in which trees can be maintained in order to premote healthy, managable, living structures. Remember trees are the LARGEST living organisms on the planet, it is in our best intrest that they are protected and given the reciprocal care they need.


All tree pruning operations are carried out in accordance with the guidlines set out in BS 3998:2010.   


Total Tree Care methods are based upon the biological understandings expounded by Dr. Alex Shigo and Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck.


Hedges require frequent maintenance (trimming/cutting) to keep them compact and managable. In turn you will find that your hedges benifit from lushious re-growth, with aesthetically pleasing forms and shapes, premoting a 'well looked after' property.

We offer a full range hedge maintenance service, including annual trimming to heavier pruning for those more unruly hedges.

Hedge and tree work must be carried out with due care during the bird nesting season. A nesting bird inspection may be required during this period and should be carried out by ourselves prior to any works.


You should also be mindfull of the 'High hedges legislation'. If you are concerned about your own boundary hedges, or that from neighbouring property, please feel free to contact us for advice.

There are several ways in which you can tackle stump removal once a tree has been felled, the most common methods are as follows:


- Stump grinding, with the aid of machinery stumps can be removed below ground level. This will prevent future basal re-growth and can mean that the area in which the tree once stood, can now be used for other purposes.

-Stump excavation, with the aid of heavy plant machinery stumps can be up-rooted and pulled from the ground. This option is particularly useful should you require that the pre-existing trees' root system is removed entirely. It is worth being mindful of this option when considering any building works, planning and or applications.

- Stump treatment, this is were poison is applied to a pre-groved channel in the cambium layer of the stump. The posion will be absorbed by the trees root system and will prevent future basal re-growth. This option will NOT speed up the rate of decay and the stump may be left intact for many years, which could prove to be a sore sight for some eyes. It is however the cheapest option! Wildlife must be considered prior to any stump treatments.


If you have any concerns or questions about trees or hedges on or around your property, our fully qualified team are happy to offer you our professional consultancy package.

At Total Tree Care, we pride ourselves on being able to help anybody with matters relating to trees, we can offer visual inspections from the ground and above, with either verbal or written reports if necassery.

Tree Preservation Order application undertaken.

Want something really special in your garden? A centerpiece? A talking point that everyone will enjoy?

Total Tree Care offer a willow structure construction service, in which we can create a beautiful arbour for your garden, at the best possible price. These living structures become a fantastic addition to any garden or grounds!

Enquire today about pricing for structures and future maintenance!