There are several ways in which you can tackle stump removal once a tree has been felled, the most common methods are as follows:


- Stump grinding, with the aid of machinery stumps can be removed below ground level. This will prevent future basal re-growth and can mean that the area in which the tree once stood, can now be used for other purposes.


-Stump excavation, with the aid of heavy plant machinery stumps can be up-rooted and pulled from the ground. This option is particularly useful should you require that the pre-existing trees' root system is removed entirely. It is worth being mindful of this option when considering any building works, planning and or applications.


- Stump treatment, this is were poison is applied to a pre-groved channel in the cambium layer of the stump. The posion will be absorbed by the trees root system and will prevent future basal re-growth. This option will NOT speed up the rate of decay and the stump may be left intact for many years, which could prove to be a sore sight for some eyes. It is however the cheapest option! Wildlife must be considered prior to any stump treatments.


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