Willow Structures

At Total Tree Care, we can install willow structures in any shape or size, for any given space!

The structures we can create include:

- Arches/Arbours

- Dome/Teepee shaped structures

- Fences/Screening

The beauty of willow structures, is that you, the customer can choose to have a huge input in the creation of this product. This means that you can share your unique ideas and designs with us to create a totally personalised, living structure.

Willow structures must be placed in a part of your garden which receives sunlight, and can only be installed whilst dormant between November through to March. Once planted, your willow structure will continue to grow all year round.

Willow Structure Maintenance

Should you require maintenance for your willow structure, or even some advice, we can come back at any given time.

We recommend that a willow structure is maintained at least once a year.